Nature is Beauty
Beauty in Nature

Building with mass timber reduces the use of materials with a higher environmental impact and lower biophilic attraction.


Biophilia describes the art of strategic office/home design promoting connection to nature by replicating peoples experiences in nature.

Studies show enhanced cognitive function, physical health, and psychological well-being.  This reduces employer costs and increases activity based on higher productivity resulting from increased job performance and retention, and reduced stress, illness, fatigue, and absenteeism. 

Project Economics

There is an initial upfront cost in pre-planning of a well thought out and designed Mass Timber build.

Project savings, however, are seen throughout the entire Mass Timber process. 

Design-Assist collaboration facilitates cost certainty, faster and accurate building completion with prefabricated panels.  This also means shorter construction time and less labor for installation.  Building ensemble allows trades to collectively work on the building at once shortening build schedule.

Environmental Sustainability

Mass Timber is a low carbon alternative to conventional building materials as it is a renewable resource, as well as carbon sequestering.