Integrating Mass Timber
is a Process

We build confidence by supporting you throughout the process of Mass Timber building.

Mass Timber services offers solutions throughout the entire process of a Mass Timber build, bridging knowledge gaps with a practical proven system addressing cost certainty, schedule certainty, assisting with team member selection and providing guidance regarding design, systems and products.

In Mass Timber builds, cost is a long game: upfront there is more investment and surety to bring costs savings at the end.

“Success requires a plan and commitment to the process.”

Concept phase

Engage MTS at early conception or design phase of a project.

Since Mass Timber product is prepared to assemble onsite, Mass Timber builds have more pre-construction preparation than a typical build. Pre-construction planning requires a holistic approach where stakeholders contribute and are held responsible for their decisions and recommendations. Decision can then be made to ensure effective Mass Timber integration while ensuring risk management and mitigating issues of cost.

Planning, Drafting and Approvals

Once we understand the project, we can suggest when to use what materials and ancillary components. Details are prepared to achieve cost certainty and ensure alignment between Architect, Developer, Engineer, Construction Manager, and Mass Timber Specialist. The ease and urgency of the approval process is critical to ensure schedule.

Production phase


Once approval drawings have been completed, materials are ordered and fabrication starts. Detailed shop and production drawings, defining sizing and materials, are converted to machine language and components are produced. Paralleled by logistical planning.

Assembly Phase

The building arrives in containers with components mapped for location and just-in-time installation. Mass Timber Services support onsite assembly through consultation, site advisory or complete assembly.