Our company.
A Natural Shift.

When you have successfully problem solved within other industries, it is natural to shift that enthusiasm and skillset to a budding market that is more value aligned.

The Journey

Greg loves to build things.  In his prior role as CEO with modular manufacturing: “We took a thousand widgets and turned them into one system.”  Known for his business prowess (including marketing, contracts and systems), and ability to see the grand picture, it was his six-year-old daughter who inspired a pivot into sustainability and wellness through Mass Timber building.

Christoph has been involved in the timber industry for 23 years with engineered wood product.  He was instrumental in bringing Mass Timber European technology to North America.  Through his experience as a sales rep for Hundegger – the leading European CNC machine manufacturer for six years – he amassed an understanding of the WHOLE industry, before venturing into developing Mass Timber products.

Tony founded the first company to test and certify SIP panels for the Canadian and US market, through partnership with Dr. Fawski from the University of British Columbia.  His passion lies in building healthy, environmentally, friendly community that you can live and work in. It is no surprise his experience includes building net zero structural panel and buildings, and designing and building complete sustainable communities including homes, mixed use, resorts, and healthy workplaces.

MTS is born

A single meeting between Greg and Christoph in 2018 led to conversationally exploring an emerging construction method over the next year.  It was in 2019 at the Mass Timber conference in Germany that Greg showed up, shook Christoph’s handed said “I’m Greg”.  That evening, MTS was dreamed up over dinner and was developed further to provide the complete envelope of products and services.

Two became three when Tony joined the company, providing further engineering, marketing and technical solutions to the group.  This expanded the company’s technical abilities, allowing them to provide a complete solution to Mass Timber building systems. A great many additional highly skilled and capable personnel that have joined the team since its inception  to round out the skillsets required to complete a clients tasks from very humble beginnings.

Build Legacy

Christoph’s philosophy: “the first third of your life you learn, the second third of life you create, the last third of your life you teach.”

Although a new company, Mass Timber Services is a team of experience and solutions: “we are making this latest chapter of our careers about leaving a mark and legacy of passing knowledge forward and extraordinary building.”

We are most excited about: