Research and

Mass Timber Services has contributed to research and design related to various areas of the Mass Timber World.

Here are a few R&D projects we are involved with:

Nheri Tallwood Project

10 storey with 4 resilient post-tensioned Mass Timber rocking walls

Q2 2022

University of California, San Diego

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The NHERI shake table test is located at the UCSD – University of California San Diego campus where the largest outdoor shake table system is set up to test projects like the Tallwood Project.
Mass Timber Services has donated both CLT and Glulam to a 10 storey structure that will be related to numerous seismic tests to prove / disprove various areas of methodology, componentry, and design in manufacturing a Mass Timber building. This signals another evolution in seismic security for Mass Timber wood products in North America, with specifically the West coast of North America.

Upwards of 48 seismic tests will be done on the 10-story building. Afterwards the building will be disassembled and inspected with further testing to determine the outcome of the various design processes that were completed. A number of universities are providing architectural design, engineering and related support and detailed analysis for the 10 Storey, 20’x40’ per building to be shaken.


Our team completed R&D in solving a 12 – 16 storey multi-unit residential and commercial office towers made fully above grade with Mass Timber materials – inclusive of main core (elevator and stairwells and portion of sheer load incorporated), floors, columns, beams and with unique look and style options while taking into account technical considerations such as sheer load and beam connectivity.