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3-Ply + 5-Ply
Softwood Panels

Softwood panels are a 3-Ply or 5-Ply product made from a core panel of varying wood species with a further two layers of the same species you select that is cross-laminated and adhered perpendicular to the core (inside) panel, making a very, very unique and visually beautiful panel.

Multilayer crosswise gluing of wood material with specific drying (wood moisture 8% ± 2%) and professional processing of the top slat and middle layer ensures additional stability.

Why We Like these wood panels

This diffusible material is easy to process and processable in a versatile way. These wood panels are rigid and dimensionally stable allowing for good load capacity at a reduced dead weight. Balanced surface appearance is achieved through an accurate sorting, large surface and to be laid endlessly.

Utilize on accent walls, lobby interiors, columns.

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