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We are a solutions focused organization of professionals who elevate the team and build extraordinary.  As a single source Mass Timber provider we offer premium products, logistical and technical services to integrate Mass Timber into your build.

We work throughout North America with our products and service offerings.


Set yourself apart from everyone else. Within the new landscape, the mental, emotional and physical well-being of our communities need to be prioritized. Companies are looking to reinvent the office building. People are asking for creative housing.

Environmental impact of Mass Timber buildings – carbon sequestering.

Biophilia, aesthetic value, healthy building. Touch, smell, see.

Speed of construction – time savings of whole building, earlier occupancy translating into earlier income, reduced construction costs, shorter timeline for insurance. Earlier leasing, occupancy, revenue premiums.

Cost certainty – Earlier leasing, occupancy, revenue premiums. produced and prefabricated materials lend themselves to a more cost-efficient process.

Schedule certainty – pre-design, production and fabrication provides further deliverability surety.

Mass Timber is offering the benefits of Biophilia.

Schedule certainty with Mass Timber. Urgency not to pollute the environment and ensuring a sustainable footprint

A person with many years experience with engineered wood products, assembly, timber construction, manufacturing, engineering. These specialists have the skillset to build confidence throughout the Design-Assist process and guide project teams as required.

The most challenging aspect on any build is a gap of clear communication between all parties involved in the design of the building initially and the construction of the building further on the path  – an important aspect needed for successful Mass Timber integration.  Every individual – GC, Architects, Consultants, Timber Specialists, MEP, Other specialties, etc.  – at the job is an expert.  We employ a holistic process starting at the pre-construction phase to ensure the needs of varying specialties are met to have cost certainty.

Technical Information

It is better to start early in the design phase. We work with the Construction Manager to prepare a moisture management program as they can differ from project to project and site to site. Moisture barriers are provided from the factory, and field applied temporary or permanent water protection measures, sequencing and detailing.

Mass timber offers natural protection; when exposed to fire Mass Timber burns on the outer layer, called a char layer. This char layers acts as insulator or protector covering from the internal timber that maintains the structural integrity of the building itself during a fire, delaying heating of inner unburned wood layers. In addition, a fire engineering expert will determine the timber sizing in conjunction with fire ratings within the buildings location, as well as the  assembly and sprinkler system design to optimize safety.

Depending on the design criteria and occupancy requirement various assemblies with proprietary acoustical mats or other design parameters can be brought to light within a Design-Assist process. Acoustic design and analysis are not a significant cost.

Yes! In fact Mass Timber can be used for stairwells, access areas, cores, sheer loading, decorative and structural loads. Mass Timber structures have even been built on top of existing buildings. The positioning and location of the elevator shaft and engineering thereof can contribute to large open span areas in the design of your building.

Project Management

Clear, precise communication is imperative for successful collaborations. Although some direction will come from the Construction Manager and the design team, MTS is the only partner you will need to communicate with in relation to the Mass Timber products. MTS contracts directly with the Construction Manager for the supply, fabrication, logistics, and assembly of the Mass Timber product.

The Mass Timber engineer engaged with your project is licensed and can sign off on projects in the State or Province of building location. However, the Mass Timber engineer does not take responsibility for the balance of the building – only the Mass Timber portion and under the auspices of the Engineer of Record or Engineering Firm responsible for the balance of the building. 

Design-Assist methodology is the favored method of manufacturing a Mass Timber building. However, Integrated project delivery (IPD) can also provide a successful approach to handling Mass Timber projects.

We can easily collaborate with the team you have put together or we can assist you in bringing together various personnel experienced in Mass Timber builds. Being on the same pathway or interest level in achieving success with the building allows the project commitment to ’build extraordinary – on time and on budget’.

Call MTS – we would be happy to help and offer Design-Assist Facilitation services in helping to set up the process, meetings, and guiding the process thru the initial tribulations of the process. 

Otherwise, the Design-Assist process creates a collaborative environment for the design and construction team to work towards a common goals of producing a best building for the owner.

When collaborating with MTS, we are there to support you on Mass Timber integration – we are the only partner you need to deal with in relation to the Engineered wood products and services. .

MTS fulfills your Mass Timber requirements:

  • Concept development
  • Structural grid layouts
  • Estimation
  • Mass Timber development within the larger process
  • Material supply
  • Specifications

The pre-planning stage with Mass Timber builds is are extensive, and we understand that traditionally architects like to see the product and are welcome at our Fabrication facilities.

Mass Timber can be assembled in any season. No heating and hoarding is required to install a MT structure as compared to concrete winter construction, but ensuring proper moisture mitigation is critical.

The cost of materials is impacted by lumber, transportation pricing, handling, assembly skillset, design process, details of construction regarding Mass Timber, etc. – this can vary the cost in the end dramatically. 

The importance of the process in ‘doing it correctly’ is critical to the culmination of a guild build process that is both cost and delivery acceptable to its clients.

Once we have approval drawings completed a full set of shop and production drawings which defined sizing and materials, we can estimate time of installation based on site conditions, season of build, and other factors – the delivery of materials and/or completion of a Mass timber assembly will differ from project to project, and cannot be estimated in an overall fashion.

Regulations call for all European lumber to be heat treated when shipping to North America so no pests are coming into the country. This kiln dried process destroys all bugs or larvae.

Careful planning: pre-finishing and pre-installation of materials off-site. Just in time delivery of that day’s products from a staging also assist in difficult build situations.