Premium Products

We are a solution focused organization of professionals who elevate the team and build extraordinary.  As a single source Mass Timber provider, we offer premium products, logistical and technical services to integrate Mass Timber into your build.

We work throughout North America with our products and service offerings.

Solutions Focused

Mass Timber Specialists support your project vision and process by providing technical expertise throughout the build process, regarding all Mass Timber elements and integration. 

Services are typically provided within a larger team scope that consists of, but not inclusive to, Architect, Engineer of Record, Construction Manager, Mass Timber specialist, Mass Timber engineer, Energy Modelling Consultant, Building Envelope Consultants, Construction Manager, Trades: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Life Cycle Assessment Consultant, and Owner.

Services occur within the following two phases of a build:


The Design-Assist Team supports up-front design that will eventually get you to a 3-5% cost benefit.  Other team members bring proficiency to the design of the system with the Mass Timber specialist offering specialized feedback and strategy.


Once we enter the construction phase of the building and proceed with building details and costs within the range states (deliverables are further assured pending the acceptance of the D-A team providing the products and services within the construction phase).

  • Mass Timber Options
  • Team Selection
  • Structural Engineering Design
  • Connection Design
  • Estimation
  • Pre-Planning
  • Proposals
  • Preliminary Schedule
  • Site Survey
  • Moisture Protection Planning
  • Timber Sizing – Geometry
  • Connection Design / Detailing 
  • Approval / Raising Drawing
  • Certification of Mass Timber Design
  • Work Orders
  • Trades Coordination
  • Schedule
  • Moisture Protection Application
  • Engineer Seals Design
  • Mass Timber Components
  • Connector Pre-Installation
  • Shipping / Staging 
  • Material Handling
  • Site Safety
  • Equipment
  • Sequencing
  • Work Force Planning