MTS personnel are some of the best in the industry. Diverse abilities and converging experience – in manufacturing, engineering, construction management, and Mass Timber product and building system – allows Mass Timber Services to bring solutions to the entirety of the project.

Let us introduce you to our team.

MTS is Different

Like any art, it’s important to understand its provenance. Having originated in Europe in the 1990’s, Mass Timber was incorporated into North American builds within the last decade. Most of the machinery (lamination, CNC machines, the software to run the machines) comes from Europe. MTS is built on a European model, leveraging product and fabrication systems from Europe.

European Mass Timber industry is more diligent about materials. The moisture content is lower which means a more stable product. European forestry utilizes almost every aspect of a tree from an ethically managed forest. Fabrication capabilities are highly automated allowing for efficiency and excellence.

We bring Mass Timber expertise – through both services and product – and apply it throughout the pre-construction, construction and assembly process. Our team is comprised of Mass Timber Specialists who have many years of specific Mass Timber experience in the team in technical depth and practical knowledge. We have also worked in engineering, large scope affordable housing projects, varied experience in building systems, construction, manufacturing, material supply and installation services. We understand the needs for dissimilar materials and work in hybrid building situations to fulfill a clients desire.

MTS works throughout North America with our products and service offerings.

  • Landmark projects using engineered wood products over 3 decades and 3 countries
  • Part of the team who first introduced Mass Timber to North America
  • Mass Timber application of products worldwide


President, Technical Director

  • Worked in over 9 countries
  • Completed over 300 affordable BC housing units
  • Engineering, manufacturing and producing 600+ structural wood manufactured building system project


VP Client Services & Sustainable Solutions

  • 30 years experience from work in the forests, on the shop floor and in the boardroom guiding successful Mass Timber construction.
  • Pragmatic efficient approach to maximize the value and beauty of each project delivering high quality Mass Timber components on time and on budget.


Project Development

  • 20+ years in construction
  • 15+ years in Project Management
  • Nearly $2 billion in successfully executed projects, in power, water infrastructure, oil & gas more recently, mass timber. Multiple roles ranging from GC, to major equipment supplier
  • Notable projects include: Youtube SBO-1 Campus, San Bruno; Google MT2 JAVA Campus, Mountain View, USA; Tallwood 1, Langford, CA; Ilo Peaky 540MW power plant, Peru.


Vice President Project Management

  • Specializing in hybrid building for high-rise buildings
  • 12 years + technical expertise with structural building products
  • Secured code listings: CCMC (Canada) and ICC-ES (USA) testing for structural performances and fire resistance
  • BIM software (REVIT, CADWORK)


Mass Timber Engineering Specialist

  • Growth & innovation within manufacturing, modular construction, and commercial property development
  • Mass Timber corporate management, project management, service, and logistics
  • Forward, progressive thinking


Chief Executive Officer, Business Management