Holz Building Elements

Holz Building Elements are essentially Glulam elements stacked on their side, with specific configurations or ‘stock’ sizing. (‘Holz’ is German for wood.)

Typical uses of HBE

  • HBE is used for classic timber construction such as skeletal and timber frame construction.
  • HBE also provides an aesthetic solution for:
    • Ceilings
    • Walls
    • Roof elements

Advantages of HBE

  • Standardized sizes offered for ease in design and purchase and installation. 
  • Structures made of glulam elements (HBE) meet all modern building requirements.
  • High quality due to a detailed prefabrication process.
  • A short construction period when utilizing these elements.
  • Individuality and freedom of design thanks to large scale components.
  • Excellent sound and insulating properties.
  • Fire Resistant per North American Code Requirements.

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